D2545"STEM" Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics - 36 Qty Package - Express Pencils


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Brand: Express Pencils

Color: green red blue black white


  • "STEM" Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
  • COLORFUL GRAPHICS: We continuously seek to enhance the visual impact of our pencils with vibrant colors and interesting new designs. The pencils you receive may not look exactly as pictured. The theme will be the same, of course, and we hope you really enjoy the new appearance. ASSORTMENTS: Many pencils come in assorted graphics and colors -- with the same theme on each. We try to achieve a representative distribution of graphics and colors within packages.
  • EFFECTIVE ERASERS: The latex-free vinyl material is embued with vulcanized vegetable oil to erase cleanly, leaving minimal crumbs, and avoiding wearing away too much paper. The erasers stay pliant for a long time. HIGH QUALITY GRAPHITE is mixed with fine clay and wax for smooth writing.
  • SHARPENING HINTS: (1) Use the same sharpener every time to sharpen a particular pencil. Each sharpener will cut away wood to achieve its own sharpened tip cone pattern. (2) If your pencil sharpener stops working, the most common fix is to remove the cutter assembly from the body in order to use a paperclip to pry out a wood or graphite fragment broken off in the cutter.

Publisher: Express Pencils

Details: Remind your students of the importance of learning with these colorful pencils promoting STEM!

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