Box Of Misprint Pens - Plastic - Ink Ballpoint Bulk Ballpoint Retractable Lot Wholesale


$23.90 Ships within 3-5 days


  • QUALITY ★ Modern, classy, and functional. Guaranteed ultra-smooth black ink writing cartridge with a durable plastic construction.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grips; pens are mostly black ink. Some plastic misprint pens feature stylus tips for all touchscreen devices
  • (2) lbs Misprint Retractable Ballpoint Pens With Clips (Approx. 85-95 Pens), Assorted Barrel Colors and Logos, New bulk pen lot
  • These pens are our best sellers that were misprinted. You will be getting high quality pens at a great discount!
  • If you would like to buy non-misprinted pens please click the Express Pencils link to see our custom products.

Details: These pens are imprinted either by mistake or extra runoff. All pens write extra smooth and the majority will be black ink. There will be some that are rubberized, come with gripper or have an attached stylus. - 2 Pound lot of plastic pens (Approx. 85-95 Pens) - Check our listings by visiting our store at top of page to create your own personalized pens

Binding: Office Product