Fidget Pencil Topper


$10.40 Ships within 3-5 days

Brand: beacon-ridge

Color: red, blue, purple, yellow


  • Ideal classroom and office fidget tool
  • 8 Pencils with Fidget Toppers Two Each of Four styles to allow for personal choice wingnut, nutn bolt, bumpn run and spin snapper
  • Bright colorful addition to your pencil
  • When placed on eraser end of pencil, provides enough weight to encourage better pencil grip
  • Fidget Toppers are Made in the USA

Publisher: Musgrave Pencils

Details: Fidgets can be a self regulation tool. Use of fidgets can aide alertness, support focus, decrease stress and be fun! These fidgets can be used as pencil toppers or separately to fit in a pocket or purse. They fit on most standard pencils. The toppers are dish washer safe and made in the USA. Includes 2 each of 4 styles: wingnut, nutsn bolts, spin snapper and slide in a variety of colors. Total of 8.